Taking Your Time: Why Taking the Time to be a Mom is important

Life during COVID has been overwhelmingly busy, but, I’ll never be too busy to be a Mom ❤

I​ started prioritizing brushing my teeth with my daughter in the morning. This little task, however small, is symbolic.

It’s time for us, time for Mommy-Daughter.

And even though most times she comes with a ‘tude, I appreciate our time together.

Considering the present-day circumstances (the Pandemic, me working a 40-hour-a-week-job at home, my Husband being home 3 days out of the week, me going back to school, me starting a business, and me starting my brand), I have to cherish any time we’re allotted. 

I’m not going to lie, I struggled in the beginning.

How Family Life Changed During COVID

W​hat with the pandemic, I found myself having to juggle Mommy-hood and Full Time Work Mode, which now includes remote learning. It was hard to find the perfect balance of work and home.

I found myself prioritizing work and it changed my family dynamic.

At times, my daughter would need my attention, and between the pressure of maintaining work performance and my stress-induced anxiety, I would find myself getting impatient or frustrated and I’d walk away feeling guilty,

What did you expect Kai? For her to be able to occupy herself all day? If it weren’t for the Pandemic, she’d be in school. She’d have someone to look after her and guide her through her day. You have to find out a way to be that for her.”

I got to a point where I grew tired– tired of the stress and anxiousness that came from feeling restrained at my computer desk having to juggle phone calls, breakfast, emails, and homework.

Tired of having to choose between being a Mom and an employee.

E​nough Is Enough

Before I am an employee, I am a Mom.

There is a child, MY child who is in need of care, guidance, love, attention, and affirmation that she matters.

And she does, she always will. 

So, I decided to put her first and my duty as a Mom is to make sure she feels that blanket of protection. My duty as a Mom is to make sure she knows that no matter how bad things are in the World, I will be there for her no. matter. what. 

And nothing will ever get in the way of our bond: No man, nor friend, Nor job.

She is priority numero uno. Isn’t that right Professor Snape?

I’d love to hear from you:

In what ways have you had to adjust as a parent during the Pandemic?

Let me know in the comments