Introducing: Kaillaby the model

WEEEE! I’M A MODEL NOW GUYS ^_^ Read on to see why I got into modeling, what it means to me and an exclusive sneak preview of my first ever photo shoot in NYC

Recently, I decided to pursue a career in modeling. Not just because I’m a boss bitch who can take dope pics ::flips hair:: , but because I decided that I wanted to run with this idea of representation. Why not take it a step further? I say I want to promote the Blerd experience, the experience of a black female, the experience of being a black female nerd and dammit! I meant it!

So I decided to be a face for something bigger than me.

I represent an idea. An entire demographic.

I want to represent an idea of beauty that’s relatable to a people that don’t get to see themselves often. I’m making a name for myself for the sake of others! To show people that we exist! The urban nerd. The blerd. The geeks. The weirdos.

With that, I met with the lovely Trey Paul (a photographer from the Jersey City area) who was a darling and a true professional through and through. He arrived, early, ready to work with brand new equipment (which I had the privilege of having test out on me ^_^), an assistant (his Sister: she’s awesome!) and agreed to shoot in the fabulous location of NYC’s Central Park West.

I swear, it was like magic happened.

Here’s a preview of some of the magic:

Who can resist the effects of the Savage Remix

See what I mean?

I was nervous at first, but, between the aesthetics of the Fall atmosphere of Central Park, the confidence boosting playlist I created (because where would I be without music) and the vibes I was getting from Trey (lots of feedback, encouragement and even a few ‘yassss’-es. As I said, a true professional :)), I just got into it. And voila! We had ourselves a (successful) photoshoot. We found PREMIERE remote locations and managed to capture, not only Nature’s beauty, but the many faces of me: Kaillaby ^_^. Of course, I went heavy on the nerd. But, it wouldn’t be a true representation of me and the rest of my fellow Blerds if I hadn’t brung Deku along ::smirks::

So without further ado, here are some flicks from my first shoot:

Enjoy ❤

I must say, I was servicing looks ::wink:: Did you like that? If so, give it up for your girrrrrl! Love is always welcome and appreciated, of course ^_^

You can view the remainder of the photos on the “Kaillaby:Modeling page“.


Photo cred: Trey Paul

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