Conjuring the Halloween Spirit: A Love Letter by Kaillaby

Halloween 2020 may not be in full effect this year, but that doesn’t kill our love for our spooky Holiday! In an effort to conjure the Halloween spirit, read my love letter to my favorite Holiday

OMG GUYS!! HALLOWEEN IS HERE!! I’ve been waiting for this day ever since I found out it was going to be on a Saturday this year (only to have it ruined by COVID. Unbelievable. Such wasted potential…) and just like every other aspect of my life, I had a plan! I knew the costume I was going to wear (actually, I had 3), the events I wanted to attend! Allat! The costumes were in the cart! Ready to go…

…And theeeeeeen, 2020 happened.

What was going to happen?! Halloween at home!? Tell me it isn’t so ::cries::

It was right around the end of September that I realized “OMG! HALLOWEEN IS CANCELLED THIS YEAR(…Yearyear…)” My heart was broken. What was I supposed to do with all this Holiday energy!? Then it hit me: duh, Kai! You can have Halloween at home! Just me and the 2 amigos living our best Holiday lives! We can decorate, have themed costumes (me and the little one are the monster cheer squad! My husband is a monster athlete), games, treats and top it all off with a dance party!! But my optimism is a gift and I know alot of people are struggling with the cancellation of Halloween right now. FEAR NOT READERS! I am here to spread the merriment and cheer! With that being said, I wanted to pen a love letter to my favorite Holiday in hopes of spreading my sunny outlook during these dark times. Here are the top reasons why I love Halloween:

  • The Moviess

Halloween movies are the best and blow all other Holiday movies out of the water. Who wants to listen to the woes of a sad and sullen reindeer when you can watch scary/haunting/chilling/gory stories instead! Halloween movies feature some of the most creative, imaginative stories ever made! From Halloween Kings like Stephen King, Wes Craven and Tim Burton the possibilities are endless! You can choose to go with a family flick that explores the ideologies of Halloween, a teen flick about slashers/stalkers/or monsters or a straight up horror film which you may instantly regret after realizing your Husband has to work an overnight shift on the weekends (or maybe that’s just me?). Here are a list of my personal faves:

Tim Burton’s A Nightmare Before Christmas

To me, this movie is utterly perfect. From the sing-along *tunes (who can resist chanting This is Halloweenduring the movies intro or prancing around their homes, curious while channeling Jack Skellingtons inquisition to What’s This?”) to the visually stunning stop motion animation (OMG! that shot of Jack standing on the ledge with the moon in the background!? ::bites lip::), this movie is a must watch every Halloween.

It tells the tale of Jack Skellington, the Pumpkin King of Halloween Town; a town in which everyday is based around the spookiest day of the year. Feeling under-stimulated and mentally taxed by his duty as King, he trails off into a nearby wood where he accidentally stumbles upon Christmas Town! A town filled with sparkling snow, smiling elves, bow wrapped gifts and all things Christmas. Jack is so enamored and entranced by the town, he tries to bring the Christmas spirit back to his own town and devises a plan to hi jack the Holiday and make it his own. It’s a heart-warming-ageless-family tale and features an iconic cast. Including:

  • Sally: a rebellious rag doll with a generous heart with the hots for Jack
  • Lock, Shock and Barrel: three naughty children who help the mischievous Oogie Boogie when they’re not busy kidnapping Sandy Claws.
  • Oogie Boogie: the soulful, melodic and mischievous Boogie Man who tortures his victims in his underground lair (wow. this movie really is dark isn’t it o.O)

It’s dark in tone with the classic Tim Burton gothic art style that he brings to his entire catalog. The best part? It doubles as a Christmas movie.

*did you guys ever hear the remake of the soundtrack: Nightmare Revisited? It features Fall Out Boy, Marilyn Manson. UGH! go listen to it! NAO

Tim Burton’s Beetlejuice

Ok I promise this is not a love letter to Tim Burton but I can’t help it if the man makes great Halloween movies! Tim Burton has a gothic/brooding style of visuals and story telling that make him perfect for this spooky time of year. Beetlejuice is no exception. It’s funny, dark and one of the most quotable movies I know

“Live people ignore the strange and unusual. I, myself, am strange and unusual”.

Lydia Deets

Beetlejuice is a story of Adam and Barbara, a married couple who live in the small-uneventful town of Winter River, Connecticut and suffer an untimely death. Adam and Barbara return to their home only to find themselves trapped and unsure of how to get out or make the best of their afterlives. Approximately 2-3 months later, their home is sold to the Deetz’: a family from NYC composed of a neurotic, and skeptical sculpture artist (Mom, Delia ), a real estate agent who wants nothing more than peace and relaxation (Dad, Charles) and a lonely gothic teen (daughter, Lydia). Adam and Barbara try desperately to spook them away but when nothing seems to work (their feeble attempts include dressing up as ghosts under sheets and possessing the family and their dinner guests forcing them to sing and dance to calypso-personally, MY favorite scene) they seek the help of the maniacal Beetlejuice: a washed up, self proclaimed professional “human exorcist”.

It has the perfect ensemble: Catherine O’Hara steals the show as Delia Deetz and I could picture than Michael Keaton to portray everyone’s favorite “ghost with the most”. And lest we forget the queen of darkness Ms.Winona Ryder! When she dropped that “strange and unusual” line!? I felt that.

Its quirky, entertaining and hi-key fashion inspo! From Lydia’s iconic red wedding dress to the infamous black and white striped suit, this movie is serving looks!

It’ll make you dance or at the very least sing! You have have to get up out yo’ seat when “Banana Boat song (Day-O)” comes on! Or during the last scene as Lydia levitates in the air to the tune of “Jump In The Line”. I hold this movie very near and dear to my heart. It is a must watch every Halloween.

Disney’s Hocus Pocus

This movie is not only a favorite of mine, but it’s also a favorite of my Husbands. At random times throughout the year we’ll call out “Thackery? Thackery Binx?”. And we never resist an opportunity to yell out “IT’S JUST A LITTLE HOCUS POCUS”. Oh what fun this movie is. It’s like the ultimate Disney Halloween treat.

It tells the story of Max: a teen who just moved from sunny California to the dreary town of Salem, Massachusetts. Halloween is coming and Max is having a hard time adjusting to his new hometown. In school, he learns the tale of the Sanderson sisters: a coven of powerful witches who were hung during the Salem witch trials. According to legend, before their demises, the Sanderson sisters cast a spell which allowed them to be resurrected on Halloween by having a virgin light an ancient hexed relic in the form of a black flamed candle. Determined to prove himself, Max lights the candle on Hallows Eve only for the legend to come to fruition! With the help of his little sister Danny, his crush Allison and their cursed talking cat companion Thackery, they have to figure out a way to rid the world of Winifred, Sarah and Mary before they ingest the youth of the towns children and hex their ways into eternal life! It’s awesome!

It’s light hearted with just a touch of darkness and sexual innuendos (that scene with Satan!? lol) making it a perfect family film. Bette Middler’s portrayal of queen witch Winifred is astounding; her rendition of “I put a spell on you” is infectious and will make you sing along every time.

As a kid, I remember wanting to BE Sarah Sanderson because Ms. Sarah J. P. was giving me blonde bombshell vibes… even when she creepily hypnotized all the children in a pied-piper-esque scene o.O

You’ll laugh, you’ll sing and maybe shed a tear (that heartfelt reunion with Thackery and his sister Emily!? ) but either way, you’re in for a real treat. My family and I watch this movie without fail EVERY. HALLOWEEN. NIGHT.

  • Dressing Up

I love that you can be anything or anyone you want to be. You want to be Wednesday Addams? Superman? A cop? A burrito? Fucking, toilet paper!? It’s all fair game. Here are a list of my dream costumes:

  • The Creativity

I’m sorry, Halloween is for the artists!! The creativity that oozes out of people for this Holiday is BANANAS! Between the custom costumes, parties and home decor, people really run wild with the concept of Halloween and I love seeing their freak flags fly! Living in NYC, I don’t have to travel far to witness creativity. Here’s a pic of a pad on the Upper West side that was decorated like a Haunted House


One of the things NYers look forward to EVERY YEAR is the Halloween parade; it’s a congregation of freaks, geeks and ghouls as people march from Spring St to 16th St donning their Halloween best. The floats are elaborate, the participants are in character and it’s the best display of creativity my eyes have ever seen. I know a lot of people are bummed that it’s not happening this year. But fear not! You can bring Halloween to your own home! Here’s what I chose to do with mine:

To me it’s all about the details.

When I invested in my decor, I tried not to overwhelm myself by getting everything in one shot and instead chose to build on my collection over time something I would recommend to you. I was able to find most of these things in a local Target and Party City. And what I couldn’t find in store, I bought on Amazon 🙂

The idea here is to get creative, think outside the box! Figure out a way to spread the decor around. For example: The cardboard bats came with the cemetery scene setter but, since the display is so large, I chose to use the bats on my accent wall instead.

Be flexible and transformative! Often times when you’re decorating, things won’t go according to plan. For example: I realized after I bought my tinsel Jack-O-Lanterns and Ghosts that I didn’t have hooks to hang them from the ceiling and, after going through countless options, I came to find that there were no hooks for the style of ceiling that I have!! So, I chose to hang them from my curtain rods and shelves and VOILA! The right side of my brain saved the day again!

If something breaks or gets damaged, figure out a different way to use it: When I was unpacking my 3D hanging swirl decorations some of the photos became detached, so I hung the swirls as is and used the 3D photos as window decals!

You can buy this decor for your own home, here:

32ct Halloween 3D Lanterns Hanging Swirl Party Decorations

White stretch spider web

Cemetery Scene Setter Kit 32 pcs

Friendly Halloween Cling Decals 15ct

Spider Webs Cling Decals 14ct

Gray Creepy Cloth 30 x 60 in

Tinsel Ghost

Tinsel Jack-o’-Lantern

4pk 17″ Halloween Foam Core Color Tombstone Decorative Prop

Whether you’re choosing to stay in and binge horror movies or don a mask and go trick or treating: I hope your Halloween is safe, fun and filled with all the joy and spookiness that this time of the year provides. Feel free to live vicariously through me 🙂 Remember, we’re all in this together…<3

Here’s a look at our Halloween 2020, enjoy 🙂

You’re not even READY for my costume.

You ready?

TADAA! OFC It’s something Nerdy, duhhh

(Flashing party light up ice cubes are available here)

The party was lit

I’d love to hear from you!

How did you conjure the Halloween spirit this year? What are your favorite things about Halloween? Drop it in the comments below

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