Dear Weirdos: I Love You <3

In my 20+ years of living, I’ve searched the world and have yet to find another being like me. I reached out to Doctor Strange, asked him to search the endless combinations of all the possibilities that ever were, and I can safely conclude: there’s no one else like me.

You’re looking at a real-life Unicorn (actually, I’d like to think myself a Wizard. I’ve got a Hogwarts letter to prove it.) Sure, there are similar humans. They may resemble me and share a fraction of my personality traits, but I have yet to find another person made up of the same facets I have.

I used to think this made me crazy or a freak, but then I realized this just made me a unique individual. For a while, this made me sad.
I walked throughout my life feeling like a black sheep, and, as I’ve mentioned, a lack of representation can really make you feel like there’s no space for you in the world. As a result, it made me uncomfortable in social settings. After all, how do you socialize when you feel like you can relate to no one? OMG, ESPECIALLY WITH WOMEN!

Because my interest in geeky things (i.e anime, video games, cartoons, etc) is always viewed as categorically “male,” I found myself relating to, well, mostly males. This has been a thing for me my entire life.

It’s very rare, and few and far between that, I meet other women with similar interests. Honestly, 8 times out of 10, our similarities start and end with us being mothers. That’s not to say that I don’t LOVE to talk about my kid. I would just much rather talk about the PS5 launch titles…and this anime I watched last night… This, I realize, makes me a weirdo to most people.

Hey guys, I’m a weirdo. Nice to meet you!

Weird is defined as “a person whose dress or behavior seems strange or eccentric.” Yup, this describes me pretty much perfectly. What used to cause me to uncomfortably hide aspects of myself is now something I embrace. I love my weirdness. And you know what? You should, too. Your weirdness is not a disability; it’s a superpower. Don’t look at yourself as the odd one out; view yourself as the life of the party!

Us weirdos are the light in the room, the talk of the town, and the breath of fresh air. I know that’s true for me, and I appreciate being loved for being 100% me. I want you to feel loved for being you, too! If cosplaying, larping, or having rainbow hair brings you joy, EMBRACE THAT SHIT! Life is too short to be anything but happy <3. And if you need reassurance to be confident enough to be yourself, look no further than this post. Below, you’ll find a love letter to you.

Until our next adventure…

Dear Weirdos: I Love You. A Love Letter

Hey you! Weirdo!
I’m talking to you!
You’re loved, appreciated, trendsetting, and tradition breaking. You’re innovative! Unorthodox! You shake up the town and while you’re at it, paint the town red. You’re a rebel marching to the beat of your own drum.
Do you realize how brave you are?
Look at you, fucking shit up despite it being taboo. Oh, so you’re just going to be out here living your life and minding your business? It’s “fuck-what-a-hater-say”? Ok, I see you!
Look at you, being brave enough to be yourself.
How do you do that?
Walk around with your head held high with not a care in the World?
It feels good, doesn’t it?
Don’t let anyone steal your light, sunshine!
You’re probably an Artist staying up late nights just to impress people with your expressions of existentialism,
or maybe you’re a Scientist picking things apart trying to figure out how things tick just because it fascinates you,
or maybe you’re still in hiding, dressing the part of someone else, walking the walk and talking the talk because you’re still too afraid to be yourself.
Either way, I want you to know that you, yes YOU, are my favorite kind of person.
Well, it’s because of you that people view the world differently.
You represent you like no one else can and because of your unrelenting willingness to be yourself,
you inspire thought and conversation
which inspires change…which inspires people….which inspires movements!
So keep that freak flag high! And make sure that head follows.

Dear Weirdos: I love you.

I told you I had a Hogwarts letter! Any other HP fans?

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