“PRESS-HER” Press-on Nails (Kids)

picture of Pressher sets press on nail sets for kids

“Press-Her” nails are available at Presshersets.com

As a full time working parent who now has 2 jobs (3 jobs with the blog) I don’t have time to hit up a nail salon. And with the current state of the World, visiting a salon isn’t exactly practical (or permitted in some cases).

This brought me to Press-Her sets.

Press-her offers gel press on nails for not just adults, but for kids too! You can shop the catalog on the site, and for prices ranging from $30 – $45 you can have hand painted, bedazzled manicured nails shipped right to your home! Eliminating the need to go to a Salon!

Delilah was gifted this set for Christmas.

The navy blue “Galaxy” nails were the perfect compliment to her NYE look!

What’s Included?

Each set of nails came in a pack of 24 which allowed me to select the perfect size for each nail. A nice personal touch!

Instead of using glue, these came with a perforated pack of adhesives, sized perfectly for each nail.


  • Simply size them up to your child’s finger nail (you want to make sure the press on covers the full nail from side to side)
  • Apply the adhesive to the inside of your Press-her nails
  • Place the press-ons atop your child’s nails and VOILA! In less than half an hour, a full manicured set!

Delilah loved her nails and couldn’t stop staring at them the whole night!


The nails were affixed on a sticky glue board which is perfect for storage. When Delilah was done she simply removed the press-ons and re-attached them to the glue board for future use.

Delilah and I love her Press-her sets! You can check out the rest of the Press-her catalog here.

Happy shopping ^_^

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