“PRESS-HER” Press-On Nails

“Press-Her” nails are available at Presshersets.com

As a full time working Mom during the pandemic, visiting a nail salon isn’t ideal for me but that shouldn’t stop me from having the experience of glamorous manicured nails! Press-her has me covered!

Press-her offers premium gel press-on nails. You can shop the catalog on the website OR have a set custom made! They have sets available for kids, too! You even have the option of choosing between a glue application or a sticky adhesive nail tab.

When it came time to shop for my NYE look, I knew I had to get my hands on this X-Mas eve set.


This particular set was $45, but the sets range between $25$45 depending on the style. If that seems a little steep, don’t worry! The site has finance options available through “Quadpay” which allows you to break your payments up into 4 interest free installments. Don’t you love when a company works with you?

Before You Buy

These nails are made to order for optimum customization, so there are 2 things to consider before you purchase: your size and the length/shape.


The site offers tips on how to size your nails, you’ll want to make sure you know your size before purchasing so that the press-ons fit comfortably on top of your nails.


The length of the press-ons are offered in

  • Short (a more natural length)
  • Medium (approximately 1 inch in length)
  • Long (think Cardi B)

The shape of the press-ons are offered in

  • Stiletto
  • Coffin
  • Square
  • Round

I opted for the Medium Square.


Shipping was fast AND affordable! Standard shipping is $6.95 and, if you make a purchase over $65, shipping is free! From the time of purchase, it only took 3 business days for my nails to arrive! Talk about efficient!

What’s Included?

In the box, I received:

  • My X-mas Eve nails, which were secured on a sticky “glue” board and encased in an acrylic box
  • The application kit which included the nail glue, a nail filer, a nail buffer, 2 alcohol pads and a wooden cuticle pusher
  • A business card with a complimentary sticker!
  • Instructions for application and removal

Side note: I love that I have the option of reusing my press-ons! You’re really getting your bang for your buck, here!


Application was done in 4 easy steps. After washing your hands:

  1. Push back cuticles and buff natural nails to remove shine
  2. Dehydrate nails with alcohol pad
  3. Add glue to natural nail (or adhesive nail tab if thats what you opted for)
  4. Apply your “Press-her” press-ons

POW! Freshly hand crafted manicured nails!

Pictures don’t do these justice, here’s a close up:

Do you see the glimmer on those jewels!?!?

After ringing in the New Year, my nails were safely removed with cuticle oil and a soak in warm soap and water. The cuticle pusher helped! I will definitely be reusing these the next chance I get!

You can shop the catalog and purchase a set of your own at Presshersets.com.

Happy shopping ^_^

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