EZBASICS 2 in 1 Steamer

EZBasics 2 in 1 Steamer is available now on Amazon.com

I received this 2 in 1 steamer as a gift for Christmas, and I was so grateful! On my journey for healthier hair and skin, this is just the product I needed! Read on for a more in depth look into the product.

What’s Included?

The 2 in 1 steamer comes equipped with:

  • Steamer base
  • Facial Steamer Nozzle
  • Hair Steamer Hood
  • Bracket Connector
  • Manual
  • Measuring Cup


The EZBasics 2-in-1 steamer doubles as both a hair steamer AND a facial steamer. You can treat yourself to a salon steam treatment or indulge in a spa facial treatment all with one appliance! To transition between the functions, simply remove the hood attachment

And attach the nozzle in it’s place

Benefits of Hair Steaming

Hair steaming is a great way to add moisture and strength to dry and damaged hair. The addition of heat opens up the scalp and hair follicles, allowing moisture to penetrate deep for softer and healthier tresses!

You can learn more about the benefits of hair steaming, here.

Being that my daughter and I both have natural hair (Delilah’s hair being a 3C and me having 4C locs), I wanted to incorporate steaming in our hair care routines ESPECIALLY in the winter months when hair tends to be at it’s driest.

I figured Delilah’s monthly deep conditioning would be the perfect time to test it out! After washing her hair, I applied her deep conditioner and got her setup for her *steam treatment.

*Note: I will say it was a little tricky to assemble at first. The instructions didn’t offer many details, but thanks to some googling and a twinge of common sense, I was able to put it together.

How To Use Hair Steamer

The Hair steamer is ready for use in a few steps:

  • After assembly, pour water into the water tank up to the “max fill” line.
  • Switch the “Steam” and “Ionic Steam” buttons “On” simultaneously (if you hear a buzzing sound after powering on, this indicates something is wrong. Check to be sure the unit is assembled properly)
  • Lastly, after approximately 3 minutes, the water in the tank will come to a boil and the hood of the steamer will fill with steam.
The steamer is small enough to fit on a standard counter top but due to Delilah’s size, we set it atop a folding table.

Voila! Your hair steamer is ready for use! Here’s a demo of Delilah’s first use:

I was sure to treat myself, too. I gave myself a hot oil treatment.

Both Delilah and I sat under the steamer for 15 minutes and wow! What a difference! The results were immediate. Both of our strands were softer to the touch with added shine to boot!

Benefits of Facial Steaming

I am constantly on the search for ways to perfect my skin care routine. On my skin care journey, I am looking for ways to improve skin texture, reduce breakouts and lighten hyperpigmentations (or dark spots). For these reasons, facial steaming has been recommended to me.

Facial steaming moisturizes the skin, making the skin softer which takes care of my skin texture problem! The steam opens up pores, unclogging trapped dirt and oil while simultaneously making the skin more absorbent to nutrients and any specialty products you may be using.

How To Use Facial Steamer

The Facial Steamer was ready to use in a few easy steps:

  • Attach the Nozzle to the steamer base
  • Fill the water tank to the max fill line
  • Switch the “Steam” and “Ionic Steam” buttons “On” simultaneously (remember, if you hear a buzzing sound after powering on, this indicates something is wrong. Check to be sure the unit is assembled properly)
  • After the water comes to a boil (approximately 3 minutes), the nozzle will release a steady flow of steam
  • Lastly, place your face as close to the steam as you comfortably can. Don’t get too close or you’ll risk being burned.

Ahhhh! It feels like clouds massaging your face

Pure Bliss.

This was great, not only for the skin benefits, but also as a spa treatment. Great for distressing and unwinding after a long week of working from home. You could even able to incorporate essential oils for aromatherapy, a function I have not yet taken advantage of.

I recommend this product for anyone who’s looking to improve hair strength, hair or skin texture or reverse hair or skin damage caused by dryness. At the very least, to anyone who wants a luxurious spa treatment in the convenience of their own home. So, what are you waiting for!? Get yours, here

Happy Shopping!

*Happiness-over-everything is an affiliate of Amazon.com. Any purchases made through links on the site may result in compensation. Thank you for your support!

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