6 Vegan Products You Didn’t Know You Needed

Throughout my new lifestyle (once vegetarian, now, basically, a pescatarian), I’ve had my fair share of vegan and vegetarian cuisine from restaurants to supermarket finds. Although there were a few (dozen) misses, the food that was good was impressive, so much so that they’ve gone from foods I was just curious to try to food I can’t stop talking about. Allow me to put you on to some of my favorite vegan finds I’ve come across in my local shopping adventures.

1. Earth Balance Coconut Spread

Photocred: Earth Balance

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This coconut butter is DELICIOUS. I tried it once at my local Whole Foods out of curiosity and fell. in. love. I was devastated when it didn’t come back to the shelves.

Since then, I’ve looked for it everywhere and virtually gave up until it popped up at a local Food Bazaar. Now it’s my go-to vegan butter.

I use this spread for EVERYTHING! OK? From breakfast to baking–it’s great on toast, spectacular in oatmeal, and cooks eggs and pancakes perfectly. I once used it to bake chocolate chip cookies, and it added this nice extra layer of rich sweetness to the recipe.

The spread is light and flaky, just like coconut. It melts almost instantly when heated. If you’re looking for rich, tasty non-dairy butter, I recommend you seek this out. It’s worth the scavenge and the $6 price tag.

2. Just Egg Patty

Photocred: Just Egg

Whoever was the brilliant mastermind behind this invention, give that guy a raise!

The Just Egg patty has been my go-to for eggs since I stopped eating them this past Winter, thanks to an episode of DC’s Titans. (lol, no, really. It was disturbing. I couldn’t get the image of that cracked egg out of my mind o.O).

This was my 3rd attempt at trying an egg alternative, and it’s the only one that left a (good) lasting impression. When trying new vegan food, the decision usually comes down to two things: flavor and texture. The other two vegan eggs were either too mushy or completely bland. These bad boys mimic the texture of eggs perfectly.

The four patties come pre-cooked and frozen, so all you have to do is warm them up. It’s topped with its own seasoning but feel free to add your own. I usually fry them in a pan with some butter and the leftover juices from my plant-based sausage for extra flavor. Cook on both sides for a little under 5 minutes, and VOILA! It’s like a miniature omelet.

I found these at a local Whole Foods, but they can be found at Food Bazaar and Target, too!

3. Sweet Earth Mindful Chik’n

Photocred: Sweet Earth

Like with eggs, I had a hard time replacing chicken again due to failed attempts at replicating texture and flavor. My first time trying the Sweet Earth Chik’n was in one of the brands’ frozen dinner meals(HusBae swears by them.) When I found out that they sold the Chik’n separately, I knew I had to try it. I was amazed by the results.

Although the Sweet Earth Chik’n is bland, it wins because of its texture and diversity. I’ve experimented with this and was able to fry it, bbq it, and use it in a curry. It comes in a “raw” form, so it has to be cooked thoroughly before eating. Just be sure to season it generously or cook it in a sauce.

It’s a great transition from the real thing. Take it from me; my family called me a “chickenhawk” as a kid.

4. Milkadamia Latte Da Barista Macadamia Milk

Photocred: Milkadamia

I recently learned about Macadamia milk thanks to my cousin, Kevin (shoutout to Cuz.) While he was still living in NYC, he worked in a coffee shop (who hasn’t?!) that offered Milkadamia’s Latte Da Barista Macadamia Milk on their menu. He was so enthused about how good it was that he bought me a box during his last visit, and my taste buds couldn’t be happier. Up until then, I was only buying almond and oat milk.

I like oat milk thanks to its creaminess and almond milk because of its light vanilla flavor. I’m not a fan of coconut or soy milk because the taste is too overpowering for me. This is where macadamia milk reigns supreme. This macadamia milk is light! It has a semi-sweetness that won’t overpower a bowl of cereal and a creaminess that is great in coffee!

I’ve found this milk at my local Food Bazaar and Whole Foods. Check with your local supermarket to see if it’s available.

5. Kite Hill French Onion Dip

Photocred: Kite Hill

Now, I’m a chip and dip kinda chick. I’m a sucker for good tortilla chips and salsa or the classic combo of Ruffles and french onion dip. The problem here is:

  • 1. Tortilla chips aren’t exactly healthy. They’re loaded with sodium and contain a lot of oil which is bad for my skin.
  • 2. Most dips are made with dairy.

I’ve been cooling it with the chips for some time, reaching for pretzel crisps instead. Now, thanks to one of my favorite vegan brands, Kite Hill, I have a replacement for French onion dip 🙂

Kite Hill is a vegan brand that I trust. They have almond milk-based yogurts and creamed cheese that I swear by! All of these things considered, I still wasn’t ready for how good this french onion dip was. Kite hill did not skimp out on flavor here. This savory dip is a flavor bomb! It also manages to be perfectly creamy with no added graininess (it sometimes happens with almond-based foods.)

It complements chips and pretzels amazingly. I stumbled on this gem as I was wrapping up a shopping trip at a local Whole Foods. Pick it up at your next Whole Foods or Food Bazaar shopping trip.

6. Field Roast Frankfurters

Photocred: Field Roast

Field Roast always knows what the people want. Field Roast has been offering plant-based meats and sausages for some time. One of my closest friends (hiii Kendel!) recommended their spicy chipotle sausage to me. Those are great and all but these ballpark franks, though!? Game changers.

It’s everything you want in a hot dog, minus the guilt of having one. (C’mon. You can’t pretend you don’t know what it’s made of at this point!) These franks are meaty, plump, and delicious. They’re spiced amazingly and are the perfect size for a hot dog bun (yes, that’s a thing.)

Now, thanks to Field Roast, even if you don’t eat meat, you can enjoy a good ol’ fashion stadium hot dog. Fruitarians, bring these with you to your next cookout; inevitably, all they’ll have to offer you is rice and potato salad.

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