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Sunday May 30, 2021

This documentary feeds the soul.

It was recommended to me and I’m so grateful that I tuned in.

In this mini series, writer, chef and host Stephen Satterfield traces the roots of traditional African American food all the way back to its origins before, during and after slavery.

Stephen uses food and its history to show the significance and influence of black food on American culture.

I learned things I never would have known, like how okra and yams were exclusive to Africa before the slave trade and that catering was an industry created by Black people in Philadelphia!

This series made me feel an enriched, deeper connection to my culture, seeing how food that I grew up eating in my own household was not unique to my family and friends but was shared by Black folk all over the world!

Some of these recipes have been passed down for generations, like the classic baked macaroni & cheese (or macaroni pie, depending on where you’re from) which has been credited to renowned chef, and former slave, James Hemings.

It showed how we had prestige, talent, status, and influence not just pain, suffering and misfortune.

It’s an amazing watch, I highly recommend it. Just don’t make the mistake of watching on an empty stomach.


Monday May 24, 2021


Hoodie by Dutch Alcott



Saturday May 22, 2021

Another Saturday spent in nature.

Conquered the Reeves Brook Trail again with my fierce Bronx Amazonians.

I love the view from up here…

Friday May 21, 2021

LOL we made a friend during our family picnic


Thursday May 20, 2021

This week Delilah was on Spring Break from school so we treated her to a staycation.

I feel bad that our children were cheated from a thorough childhood experience due to the Pandemic so I tried to make sure we spent as much time outside as possible.

Me and Bae sat down and planned out a whole itinerary:

  • Monday we went to a birthday party
  • Tuesday we took a trip to Central Park
  • Wednesday we went to the Beach

And for today, we planned something extra special…

We met up with her dad afterwork and treated her to a place we haven’t visited in nearly 2 years!

That’s right! We hit up the Dave & Busters in Times Square! One of our favorite places in the entire world survived the pandemic and we were so happy we HAD to go.

With food, drinks and games all in one place it’s a blerd family’s dream ^_^ We have so many fond memories in this place and of course, today was no different.

We had a blast! And with things going back to 100% capacity by July, we’ll definitely be back over the Summer.

Until our next adventure…


Wednesday May 19, 2021

Take the time to be alive.


Saturday May 15, 2021


Music is something I hold very near and dear to my heart. To me, sharing music is on par with serving you a home cooked meal…it’s an act of love!

This ever-growing playlist was curated by yours truly to keep you in a constant state of happiness and cheerfulness–and with 122 songs (and counting) it’s bound to keep your spirits high all day long.

I think it’s the perfect compliment to Happiness Over Everything 🙂

There’s new hits, old school hits, Motown hits.

Rock, pop, hip-hop, 80s r&b, funk and so much more!

My music library is extensive so there’s bound to be tracks for everyone.

Yes, even you!

Give it a listen! Be sure to like it while you’re at it!



Thursday May 13, 2021

Mother’s Day brought me:

  • Laughs
  • Walks in the rain
  • Tea
  • Crab legs
  • Breakfast with Bae
  • Love it or List it
  • 3 rounds of champagne on a sunset cruise
  • Coney Island
  • This photo
The 3 Queens of the Smith clan
  • Memories
  • Childhood stories
  • Smiles
  • Walks in the rain
  • The Statue of Liberty
  • Chopped
  • Fine china
  • My first ever tea party with my mother and grandmother
  • A sunset on a city skyline

Mother’s Day was perfect.

I hope yours was, too.


Sunday May 10, 2021

I don’t usually post on Sundays but this was special to me.

Since I was a little girl, I loved Sailor Moon.

The Pretty Guardian

I remember coming home and watching her on tv after school on Cartoon Network. Some would argue the early 2000s had the best afternoon lineup of Toonami…

She was one of my childhood heroes ::heart eyes::

She was silly, a klutz, she had a hot Bae (yasss Tuxedo Mask) and a bomb ass costume (who didn’t want to rock her classic Sailor-school girl aesthetic!?)

But first and foremost she radiated beauty and she came with a dope ass ensemble of female friends who managed to be ride or dies AND help her save the World. I mean, you just don’t find friends like that these days!

She had long blonde hair.

Legs that went on for dayssss.

She was strong, courageous and the embodiment of girl power.

So when I became a Mom and found out I was having a girl, I had dreams of doing a Sailor Moon themed Halloween in which I would be Sailor Moon, my husband would be Tuxedo Mask and our daughter would be Sailor Chibi Moon (or Chibiusa).

Due to COVID, I didn’t get my Sailor Moon Halloween…

…But I DID get my Sailor Moon themed Mother’s Day ^_^

As a Mothers Day gift to myself, I rented a studio, paid a photographer and invested in a Sailor Moon themed photoshoot.

It was fun!

Delilah is quite the Sailor Moon fan herself (her favorite character is Sailor Saturn) and was obsessed with her Chibiusa cosplay.

She didn’t want to take it off lol

She loves playing dress up so getting dressed up and playing around in a private space for an hour was just as fun for her as it was for me.

She’s usually pretty shy, so it helps that she knew the photographer.

yasss! get into character Delilah!

Thats right! The photographer was none other than 4inthemorning!

Not only is she a dear friend, but I’m genuinely a fan of her work.

I think she does an amazing job at telling stories with her photos. I felt like she captured me and Delilah’s dynamic in it’s essence. Not just elite photos, but photos with purpose. Photos that have a story to tell.

I think the photos turned out great! Delilah liked them, too!

What do you think?

Happy Mothers Day to all the Mommy blerds out there!

Enjoy your day Queens ❤


Tuesday May 4, 2021

Sneak preview of a special shoot with 4inthemorning

Ahhhh! I’m exciteedddd!

That’s all for now. In the meantime, May the 4th be with you 🙂


Sunday May 2, 2021

I dig the vibes, BK!

A year ago I was wasting away behind a desk working a 9-5.

Now I’m doing photoshoots in Brooklyn on a sunny Sunday afternoon.

Don’t give up on your dreams! You never know where life will take you!

I can’t wait to show you guys what I have in store 🙂

Stay tuned.


7 thoughts on “Welcome To My Life

  1. Lisa

    I love your writing voice which is basically like your “out loud” voice? Hmm.. I don’t know the proper word for that, regardless! I love this blog and how it’s such a fun way to get to know you on a more personal level, Also seeing you grow as a writer and as a person. Thank you for that dose of positivity you put out into the world, we need more gems like you! Looking forward to more content~


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