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Saturday March 27, 2021

Our mother in law treated us to lunch, City Island style.

Because the weather was nice, we made sure to get there early. We know how NYers give it up, as soon as the weather is above 70, people travel far and wide for the best seafood NY has to offer. We hit up Sammy’s Fish Box, a City Island fave.

We sat on the outside patio and enjoyed an afternoon of drinks and laughs.

I know I’m not alone when I say, I can’t wait until the pandemic is over so we can make a routine out of outings like this.

Until then, I will make of the most of every outing I have and cherish the good times I have with the people I love, even if they are fewer and far between.

But first, a selfie 🙂

Thursday March 25, 2021

LOL 4inthemorning is a trip

Wednesday March 24, 2021

Trippy skylight

Monday March 22, 2021

FINALLLYYYYYY! #restorethesnyderverse

Sunday March 21, 2021

He loves me, he loves me not

Saturday March 20, 2021

Today I went hiking for the first time. It was hands down one of the most beautiful experiences I’ve ever had.

I hitched a ride with le bestie and her big sister (heyyyy Juliiiie!) who was kind enough to give us a ride 45 minutes out of the city at 9am on a Saturday to the Reeves Brook Loop Trail.

That’s RNS.

When we got there, we were welcomed by a crew of badass women who linked up for the sole purpose of experiencing this hike together. The whole event was orchestrated by the coordinator (and new friend) Jennifer.

It was so empowering to be a part of this troupe of strong women and they were all from the Bronx, just like me and my friends!

We broke the ice by gathering in a circle, introducing ourselves, and took turns sharing our purpose(s) for hiking. I confessed that it was my first time, and I wasn’t alone!

Jennifer then guided the circle through a smudging of white sage as we closed our eyes, took deep breaths, and focused on clearing our minds and spirits to embrace the positive vibes and prepare ourselves for the vigorous journey ahead.

It was an enriching spiritually gratifying bonding experience.

After that, we were off!

4inthemorning in full photographer mode.

As we made our way through the moderate hiking trail, we saw some AMAZING sights ::heart eyes::

We encountered a few (friendly) hikers along the way but, for the most part, we were undisturbed which was great! It felt like we had the entire trail to ourselves.

Although some of us were there for the exercise, peace of mind, and tranquility, we definitely kiki’d and developed a sisterly bond which was so beautiful to see. Jennifer did a great job of stopping for every photo op possible, including one on a fallen tree bark which was a lot scarier than I thought o.O. Your girl got on all fours for this photo LOL

Being a city girl, I was especially captivated by the vastness of the woods and the sights of fresh running water. It was unlike anything I’d seen before, at least not in person.

The only thing that was missing was little woodland creatures. I just wanted to have my Pocahontas moment ::sings Colors of the Wind::

a photo of 4inthemorning, a rare sight!

Although Jennifer said the trail was considered moderate, (in her defense, so did the website) for a first-time hiker, it was intense AF.

Not only did we have to beware of icy trails, loose rocks, and cross whole bodies of water (I must say tho, our sisters-in-hiking did a great job of communicating, encouraging, and looking out for one another) but we had to do actual rock climbing! Something le bestie, her sister, and I were not AT ALL prepared for LOL But we conquered it like the bad-asses we are.

It was very Xena: Warrior Princess.

At our highest altitude, we reached over 1000 ft in the air! It was unreal.

We were so high, we even spotted Eagles o.O

At one point, we sat down, ate, and just shared a mutual moment of sisterhood as we laughed, talked, and took in the sights. It was so dope.

The descend downward was so chill. As our trail was winding down, I just took it all in. I couldn’t help but feel like such a bad-ass warrior princess having conquered this, especially on my first try! The entire hike took about 4-5 hours. Talk about a FULL body workout.

In the end, we exchanged social media, said our goodbyes, and went our separate ways. I definitely had a nice, long, warm soak in a bubble bath by the end of the night.

I felt so lucky just to partake in this experience. Taking nature walks is a go-to for me whenever I want to just clear my head and find peace, so you can only imagine what this hike did for me mentally. Plus, the female camaraderie was something I had been missing from my life for a loooong time, thanks to COVID.

I must say, they made a hiker out of me! I plan to make this a habit so this WILL NOT be my last time hiking.

Until our next adventure…


Friday March 19, 2021

Dined out for the first time since COVID.

Marisco Centro at the Bronx Terminal Market

It was lovely! The food was good, the drinks were on point. We tipped well and thanked the restaurant staff PROFUSELY! I swear, it wasn’t the alcohol! lol

I love fruity drinksssss

The restaurant industry took a huge hit during COVID. Please support your local restaurants as much as you can. They could really use our support ❤

Bae and I try to order out at least once a week.

Until our next adventure…


Tuesday March 16, 2021

Here’s a preview of my recent shoot with the fabulous 4inthemorning

Breath taking.

I felt like an angel in a tulle skirt.

Until our next adventure…


Monday March 15, 2021

Today I took a trip down memory lane.

I visited my Mother and Grandmother, who are just a train ride away, (anyone from NYC?)

and while I was there, my goal was to do some digging around for a post I’ve been working on. A sort of nod to my past, if you will.

Look at these gems:

The 64!!

I must say, it was nice re-visiting my old stomping grounds through brand new eyes. I used to be ashamed of my history, but uncovering old stones gave me new inspo and a new sense of pride.

I try to disconnect from my past, due to hurts and pains and past traumas, but I no longer see the use in trying to escape it or pretend it didn’t exist.

You can try to run from your past but I think coming to terms with it is best.

There’s relief in acceptance and, once I looked back, I realized it wasn’t as bad as I thought. I was putting so much emphasis on the bad that I forgot the good.

It’s easy to get swept away in your present day but please remember to never forget where you came from…

Bright eyed, bushy tailed me happy and ready to eat cake
Me performing at a local community center. I always loved to be on stage
SNOWBALL FIIIGHT! look at all that snow o.O
Me, my Mom and my cousin at Kids Aerobics for my birthday. Haha remember Kids Aerobics and Discovery Zone? Someone start a petition so we can bring that back
me and my big brother the day of his HS graduation. Look how enamored I was
I learned how to bake at a young age
Me and my Dad


Thursday March 11, 2021

Coming soon…

Another 4inthemorning collaboration 🙂

Tuesday March 9, 2021

Click here to read my review of the Gushers cannabis strain at Missmarijuana.org, known throughout California for its fruity taste and aromatics.

Fans of the Gushers strain rave about its potency and say it’s great for treatment of chronic pains, anxiety or for a good ol’ fashioned Netflix and chill.

Thursday March 4, 2021

Today I had a revelation. I’ve been fortunate enough to have quite a few in my lifetime. One should be so lucky…

When you hit a wall, take the time to cry about it. Hitting a wall hurts, so it’s natural to cry. But, when you’re done crying, remember to pick yourself up and do some self reflecting.

What made you hit the wall? Were you not paying attention? Were you walking too fast? Distracted by something?

Can you climb the wall? Find a way around it?

Some food for thought. Let no situation defeat you. You are stronger than you give yourself credit for. And, besides, you know what they say about wills…


7 thoughts on “Welcome To My Life

  1. Lisa

    I love your writing voice which is basically like your “out loud” voice? Hmm.. I don’t know the proper word for that, regardless! I love this blog and how it’s such a fun way to get to know you on a more personal level, Also seeing you grow as a writer and as a person. Thank you for that dose of positivity you put out into the world, we need more gems like you! Looking forward to more content~


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