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Friday October 29, 2021

Feedback Friday

The results are in from last week’s poll!

The content that you wish you saw more of is…

in depth articles with expert tips and advice!

The tribe has spoken!

I will get to work and make sure I post more frequently.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to vote! I appreciate your time and attention.

For this week’s poll, I want to pick your brain and see where your interests lie:

Until our next adventure!


Issa Update

My latest article “Saying You’re Sorry: The Value Of Accountability” is now available on Nowwithpurpose.com!

And you guys asked for more articles, too. haha. Ask and you shall receive!

You know that person who is too proud to admit when they’re wrong and is always trying to argue you down and never take your feelings into consideration? I got you, fam. This is the article you’re going to quote and send to them from this point on.

In “Saying You’re Sorry” not only do i give a literal definition of what accountability means AND the ways it presents itself, but I even sought advice from an expert for those of us who need a little extra help with owning up to their mistakes.

Remember: it’s never too late to say you’re sorry.

You can find a link to the article on “Here’s To Achieving Your Goals”.

Or you can click here to read it.


Thursday October 28, 2021

“Thank A Page” Thursday

This week’s “Thanks” goes out to one of my go-to pages for inspiration, @selfcareisajourney!

IG: @selfcareisajourney

This page is all things self-adoration and authentication–its powerful messages provide bite-sized reminders that life is good and everything is going to be ok.

The huge response from its online community shows us just how appreciated the positive vibes are in a space that often thrives on negativity.

A much needed message. I definitely shared this on my story

I often feel a connection to their affirming quotes which are depicted everywhere from street signs to the sides of buildings.

I appreciate having an inspiring space that’s specific to my needs of self-care and reassurance.

Show this page some love!


Wednesday October 27, 2021

Wellness Wednesday

This week’s wellness tip comes from the fan favorite, “5 Ways To Protect Your Peace” in which I provide 5 ways to safeguard your sacred happiness from any and all peace-seeking-invaders.

Remember: your peace is sacred, you should protect it at all costs. Here’s how:

1. Have a “This too shall pass” outlook on life.

2. Establish boundaries.

3. Rid your life of toxicity.

4. Keep happiness on tap.

5. Let go of things that no longer serve you.

Click here for the full read.

I hope this helps you along your self-care journey.

Love and light.


Tuesday October 26, 2021

Today, I learned…

Today I learned the value of being flexible and leaving yourself open to the randomness of life.

Sometimes feelings change, plans get cancelled, and in-person learning has to be remote but just because life doesn’t meet our expectations doesn’t mean it’s the end of the World.

Learn to live in the Now, and let go of control. Always be open to plan B’s. Remember, life is what you make it.

I also learned to sit with my feelings when it comes to making important decisions because sometimes feelings are just a sign that we really need to do further investigation (follow your heart, but take your brain with you).


Monday October 25, 2021

Motivational Monday

Today’s Motivational Monday post comes from “The Gifts of Acceptance” by Daniel A Miller and reminds us that in order to get to a point of acceptance, we must first come to grips with reality. A gesture that, although difficult, is certainly not impossible through conscious effort:

It’s ok if you don’t have all the answers.

It’s ok if you can’t control every aspect of your life.

The hardest part is sitting with the fact that sometimes life is just out of our hands.

Sometimes the solution isn’t to change and correct but to accept and understand.

Going with the flow will add an ease and contentment to your life that you’ll never find if you keep going against what IS.

I hope you find comfort in that ❤ I’m definitely learning to


Friday October 22, 2021

Feedback Friday

The results are in from last week’s poll!

The page that received the most votes was…HERE’S TO ACHIEVING YOUR GOALS!

I knew I was rocking with fellow over achievers ^_^

Thank you to everyone who took the time to vote! I appreciate your time and attention.

This week’s poll is about you, the reader!

Until our next adventure!


Thursday October 21, 2021

“Thank A Page” Thursday

This week’s “Thanks” goes out to author Nakeia Homer aka @nakeiahomer.

IG @nakeiahomer

The mental wellness author of “I Hope This Helps” constantly promotes messages of positivity and self-love through photos of quotes and Instagram reels of affirmation.

Her content is clean, crisp, and minimalistic allowing the powerful words to speak for themselves often including quotes from her very own book, which is available now on Amazon.

Sometimes the words are everything I need to hear. You can often catch me letting out a “YAS!” when I come across her page in my timeline. I highly recommend if you’re looking for daily reminders of self-care and well being.

Show her some love!


Wednesday October 20, 2021

Wellness Wednesday

This week’s Wellness Wednesday tip comes from my post 5 ways to Protect Your Peace in which I reference a little gem that I learned during a therapy session.

Here’s another tip, when speaking about a bad or painful memory, refer to yourself in the 3rd person.

The disassociation helps take the sting away ❤


Tuesday October 19, 2021

Today, I learned…

Today I learned that I am capable of achieving great things through discipline, structure, and distraction-less thinking (dnd activated).

I learned that I have been achieving steady growth (woohoo! 100 likes!) which is all thanks to my new disciplined mindset, sound advice, and a curated self care routine! This list includes

  • good sleep
  • mentally challenging exercises (all the cold showers are worth it)
  • meditation
  • weed
  • nutrition (don’t forget to eat!)
  • and coffee (lol, that’s a given)

Today, I learned H.O.E’s true purpose, to be the premiere resource for all things health and wellness. I want people to come here because they know I have the keys.

If it helps you, it’ll help other people” is the new mantra.

And lastly I learned that life doesn’t get easier, you get tougher.

As you grow as a person, at what is hopefully a steady and constant pace, you learn how to deal with “this thing called life”.

Through constant practice of patience, acceptance, and understanding you can maintain peace, even when faced with

  • the frustrating moments (lol over 45 minutes of hold time and 2 phone calls later…),
  • the disappointments (dang, I really wasted my money),
  • the times where communication is difficult (OOOMMMGGG HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO TELL YOUUU ::loses mind::)
  • and the times where your goals seem impossible (how the hell do you manage wearing so many hats, girl!?)

I learned that, by tethering yourself to the present, you can meet each challenge and be flexible to any and all obstacles thrown in your way.

And lastly, I learned that sometimes you have to be willing to give in order to get. But that doesn’t make life any less awesome.

I’m just happy to be here. I hope you are, too.


Issa Update

H.O.E has reached 100 likes!

I appreciate you guys!

Thank you for the adoration. It means alot 🙂


Monday October 18, 2021

Motivation Monday

Today’s Motivation Monday is an excerpt from a new book I’m reading, “The Gifts of Acceptance: Embracing People And Things As They Are” by Daniel A. Miller.

It’s a book about letting go of control, and choosing a path of acceptance, something I realize I have a problem with (most people do).

This excerpt really struck a nerve and made me cry while I was walking in the park this afternoon.

The Gifts Of Acceptance by Daniel A Miller

In chapter one “The Serenity Of Living In Acceptance” , the author shares the story of a guy named Mark, a recovering junkie who resorted to a toxic path of addiction because of his traumatic past and lingering feelings of resentment he had towards his parents.

In this quote, Mark talks about coming to a place of understanding of his past which allowed him to move forward with his life and focus on his own self-improvement.

Letting go of control can be scary. Especially when you’re anxious. There’s this overwhelming desire to adjust things to your own comfort, and fix people and things so that they work for you but that’s just it: the world doesn’t revolve around you.

It’s something I’m learning to sit with.

Being able to let go and let your hair down and move throughout life with more acceptance and understanding versus leading with control, correctiveness, and taking things personally is a life I’m looking forward to living.

This book should help! Wish me luck!


Issa Update

Effective November, Motivation Monday will now be Mental Strength Mondays. (woohoo)

I will be providing you guys with tips and resources to help you exercise. that. brain. in order to increase your mental strength.

The benefits include:

  • increased mental clarity and awareness (I can see clearly now!)
  • improved memory (ok! who needs “notes!” not me!)
  • increased critical analysis (give me all the math problems)
  • and more!

Basically, you’ll be a lot smarter. (lol)

You can thank me later. Or you can buy me a coffee 🙂


Friday October 15, 2021

Feedback Friday

The results are in from last week’s poll!

Looks like we have ourselves a tie!

The playlists that you guys liked the most from “Feeling Through Music: Playlists For Every Mood” are…

Let’s Put A Smile On That Face and So In Love ^_^

Thank you to everyone who took the time to vote! Your feedback means the world to me.

Below is poll # 2, I can’t wait to see the page you guys like the most!

Until our next adventure…


Thursday October 14, 2021

“Thank A Page” Thursday

This week’s “Thanks” is going to a fellow yogi I follow on Instagram, @synergyvibes!

I found this page by chance, one of her photos came up under a yoga topic that I follow and it attracted me with it’s eye catching aesthetics

Just look at that strength!

I love the way she embodies strength and grace with each pose, and the creative yet practical ways she practices vinyasa and yin yoga.

I like this page because I find it to be motivational, inspirational, and relatable (yasss for black yogis ❤ ❤ ❤). It really raises the bar for my own yoga practice.

Her colorful ensembles and visually stunning locations catch my eye every single post.

Show this page some love!


Wednesday October 13, 2021

Wellness Wednesday

Today’s Wellness Wednesday is a fun fact I learned while researching for my post “6 Valuable Lessons I Learned From Yoga“.

Turns out something as simple as breathing deeply can have huge affects on the mind and body.

Give this a try the next time you’re faced with stress or a task that’s physically demanding.

Let me know how it works out!


Tuesday October 12, 2021

Today, I learned…

Today I learned the value of accountability.

I learned that I can be an asshole sometimes and the only way to make up for that is to turn inward and hold myself accountable.

I learned that I act irrationally when I’m angry.

I learned that anger is just an emotion and I shouldn’t allow it to ruin my day or effect my character.

I learned that sometimes the best response to anger is to sit and do nothing. (this too shall pass)

I learned that because of my troubled past, I have a hard time processing disappointment which makes me impatient when dealing with mistakes.

I learned that when it comes to teaching, you shouldn’t lead with fear and punishment because

  • it does more harm than good
  • it sends the wrong message

I learned that hard work + consistency = growth and that, when you look closely, you’ll find that you don’t give yourself nearly enough credit for the good work you do (the proof is in the metrics ^_^).

Most importantly, I learned that you should forgive yourself and others.

We’re all human and we all make mistakes.


Issa Update

My second collab with Nowwithpurpose.com (whoop whoop) is for the foodiessss.

Here, I put you on to the four popular brands that look out for vegans and vegetarians with their delicious and easily accessible vegan and vegetarian menus: Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, Sweet Earth, and Ben and Jerrys.

Click here to read it.

Leave some love while you’re at it 🙂


Monday October 11, 2021

Motivational Monday

Today’s Motivational Monday comes from Pinterest and reminds us to always make everyday meaningful.


Click here to follow me on Pinterest


Friday October 8, 2021

Feedback Friday

Thursday October 7, 2021

“Thank A Page” Thursday

This week’s “Thanks” is going to one of my favorite health and wellness pages on IG, @queenshealingqueens!


I love this page because it encourages self-care and provides an abundance of helpful reminders through affirming quotes. The content is consistent, meaningful, and relatable–at times providing me with the exact words I needed to hear (or read in this instance).

Ladies and gentleman: queenshealingqueens

It’s an IG page where I feel safe and welcomed and can relate to the community of beautiful women who, at times, come together in the comment section to big each other up and stand in solidarity through small moments of self-love.

Show this page some love!


Something new!

A girl makes a Pin. I hope you like it ^_^

Follow me on Pinterest.


Wednesday October 6, 2021

Issa Update

Hey guys!

Yesterday I unveiled some new ideas for the main page. Allow me to elaborate further…

Starting this month, I’ll be taking Happiness Over Everything in a new direction.

I thought to myself, how can be of service to my readers?

How can I approach the topics of health and wellness in a way thats

  • practical
  • resourceful
  • motivational
  • and engaging?

So I dreamed up some new ideas to incorporate these themes but with the Happiness Over Everything touch ^_^

From now on, the blog’s posts will go according to the theme of the month.

This month’s theme is music and how sound can influence your mood.

So you can expect blog posts to be related to that.

Also, since this month’s theme is music, with each post, you guys will get a customized Spotify playlist! Click here to read the first one.

Additionally, H.O.E.’s main page “Welcome to My Life” will now follow a daily schedule. You can expect to see posts under the following categories:

  1. Motivation Mondays– On Monday’s we’re doing all things motivational. Whether it’s a story, a quote, a photo, or words of affirmation. I want you to start your week off right
  2. “Today I Learned…” Tuesdays– On Tuesday’s, I’ll be giving you the most valuable lessons I learned for the day. It’s my most productive day of the week, so I’ll definitely be dropping some gems. Bring your pen and notepad and be prepared to take away useful tips and bits of information.
  3. Wellness Wednesdays– On Wednesday’s, I’ll be sharing helpful wellness tips and resources. I’m constantly learning new information and I can’t wait to share it with you!
  4. “Thank a page” Thursdays– On Thursdays I’ll be giving back and showing love to cool IG pages and small businesses. I can’t wait to put y’all on! (Not a sponsor, just a plug.)
  5. Feedback Fridays– On Fridays I’ll be reaching out to you guys, my readers and subscribers, for your feedback. Your input means the world to me and I want to make sure you guys are getting the most out of your H.O.E. experience.

Stay Tuned!


Wellness Wednesdays

Today’s Wellness tip comes from this cute little book I found at the American Folk Art Museum in NYC.

It’s called “the little book of self-care” by Joanna Gray.

It’s this adorable bite sized bible of all things self care and is filled will all sorts of helpful tips and interesting facts.

I like to take it with me on the go. It’s a good distraction from day to day stressful situations (like commuting on a NYC subway ::shudders::) and is a great conversation starter. It helped me get through an uncomfortable situation recently…

Here’s a cool little fun fact I found about music. Hopefully it can be of service to you:

The Little Book of Self Care


Tuesday October 5th, 2021

Starting today, “Welcome to My Life” will have daily themes!

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Motivation Mondays
  • “Today I Learned…” Tuesdays
  • Wellness Wednesdays
  • “Thank a page” Thursdays
  • Feedback Fridays

Stay tuned!


Today, I learned…
  • To take myself more seriously
  • That working for yourself is like working for someone else except you have 100% control
  • The benefits of taking your time to complete each task versus juggling everything at once
  • 2pm is the longest I can go without a cup of coffee ::yawns::
  • Working distraction free can make a hell of a difference
  • Putting your phone on DND really shows how often you’re distracted by your phone
  • I’m alot more amazing than I give myself credit for.
  • I never fail to surprise myself 🙂
  • I’m in control. I decide how this life turns out.
  • 10 minutes of meditating a day keeps the anxiety at bay
  • Covering your eyes with cucumbers while meditating adds a nice extra layer of relaxation 🙂
  • I always had the keys, I just needed direction.
  • I am full of endless ideas and have a bountiful imagination.
  • Improving your work overtime is a lot better than rushing through
  • Music + instruction + writing is my perfect recipe for productivity
  • To be flexible because life doesn’t go according to plan.

What did you learn today?


7 thoughts on “Welcome To My Life

  1. Lisa

    I love your writing voice which is basically like your “out loud” voice? Hmm.. I don’t know the proper word for that, regardless! I love this blog and how it’s such a fun way to get to know you on a more personal level, Also seeing you grow as a writer and as a person. Thank you for that dose of positivity you put out into the world, we need more gems like you! Looking forward to more content~


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