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Wednesday July 28, 2021

My latest opinion piece “Going In Depth: A Seat At The Table: The Importance of Black Representation in Nerd Culture” is available now on Blackgirlnerds.com!

Im proud of this one.

It’s filled with thoughts and feelings and experiences I’ve been sitting on for a long time. Since I was a kid.

Not just my experience, but the experience of countless others who grew up feeling invalidated and invisible and being caught in the crosshairs of what they like and what they look like. I’m grateful that I got to voice my opinions and speak my truth.

This story is relatable to anyone who’s ever felt outcasted and features interviews from two of the coolest blerds I know, Blerdover’s Skip.88 and my cousin, Kevin.

You can read the article, here. Leave some love. Let me know what you think 🙂


Friday July 23, 2021

Today the family and I went hiking in a local city park, something I’ve been wanting us to do for some time now. I was hoping our first hike would be in a bigger tail but this was a great introduction, especially for our 8 year old.

It’s a tradition I want us to start and keep up with.

I think it’s a great bonding experience while also giving us an excuse to exercise and go outside.

Plus after seeing how low Delilah’s endurance is, I think she could use it.

We saw some pretty cool sights along the way, including the former house of THE Alexander Hamilton which, of course, is now a landmark.

“”We’ll get a little place in Harlem and we’ll figure it out” haha.

During our hike we got to just enjoy being in nature and strolling in peace. We live in a really busy neighborhood so it’s nice to escape from that when we can.

We came to the conclusion that we want Delilah to spend more time outdoors and less time cooped up in the city.

We’re looking into enrolling her in a camp upstate next year so she can see what life is like outside of the concrete jungle. The same camp her Dad went to when he was a kid!

Allow this to be an inspiration for you: it’s never too late to start a new tradition or form a new healthy habit.


Tuesday July 20, 2021

A night out

Happy birthday Melo! I can’t to hear about your adventures in Japan ^_^

You gotta bring me back a kimono (or two).


Monday July 19, 2021

Lisa best friend Bae about to dig into those veggie chips

The rain decided to ruin our beach trip so the bestie treated me to lunch at Novelty Eats, a burger joint on Buhre Ave in the Bronx.

It was a much needed meal after our adventures at Orchard Beach. What was supposed to be a best friend date spent soaking up the Sun picnicking on sand overlooking the ocean turned into a rained out failure of a good time, but bestie swooped in for the save and told me about this dope spot that has a mean Beyond Burger.

She knows I’m a sucker for good eats.

Before we walked in, she mentioned that her boyfriend requested an order of veggie chips to go. I knew right then and there that we were in for a real treat.

When we sat down, Lisa was overwhelmed by the various options. She couldn’t force herself to choose between the Beyond Burger, the black bean burger, or a salad (she, like me, doesn’t eat meat) a decision that would require us to buy extra time. That’s ok. This milkshake held me down

Although the black bean burger was tempting, the description of the Beyond Burger combined with the recommendation from le bestie, made the choice easy for me.

The Novelty Eats Beyond Burger

I was curious right away, I had never seen a burger served on naan bread before. I was pleasantly surprised. When I bit into it, the bread was warm, soft and semi toasted giving the sandwich a nice crunch. The lettuce and tomato were complimented by this creamy dressing which really pulled everything together for me.

Between that, the fried zucchini chips, and the banana almond milkshake, this more than made up for the L we took at the beach. I walked out a happy camper. (the staff was friendly, too!)

Moments later, I would find this sign.


Lisa told me I HAD to take a photo with it, it goes with the message.

Happiness Over Everything.


Saturday July 17, 2021

Man, is there anything better than random acts of kindness?

It proves that the world still has its humanity.

Random acts of kindness > everything

Try to do something kind for someone for no reason other than to make their day.

You won’t regret it and they’ll never forget it, trust me.


Friday July 16, 2021

Today I went on a much needed beach trip with my in-laws.

We hit Robert Moses, a beach in Long Island just a hop and a skip from the more popular beach destination, Jones Beach.

Beaches in NYC can be hit or miss, especially on a Friday! It’s always a gamble with crowds, traffic, cleanliness, and noise level.

I loved Robert Moses because it was more intimate. We didn’t have to worry about overcrowding–there was plenty of space for us to stretch out and for Delilah to play around in the sand. (The 11am arrival probably helped lol)

We got a good spot near the water so Delilah could splash around in the ocean as much as she wanted. She even made a friend ^_^ (lol she usually does everywhere we go).

It was my first time going to the beach with my in-laws. I really enjoyed their company. My father in law is full of pranks and laughs while my mother in law is full of family stories and wisdom.

When we weren’t diving into crashing waves and playing catch with our nerf ball, we were reminiscing about the good times and making plans to create more memories (apple picking anyone!?).

We brought plenty of food, including a vegan tuna recipe I got from my friend @thebxyogi, and my pina colada, which was a hit (lol apparently a pitcher wasn’t enough).

At one point, HusBae and I escaped to Fire Island where we got to see their historic watchtower. I instantly regretted not bringing my camera -_-

It was so grand, we definitely want to take the tour the next time we visit.

My favorite part of the experience was the journey. It was so romantic.

To get there, we walked along this winding path made of wooden planks, surrounded by tall grass and nautical views.

On our way back, we strolled along the shoreline of the beach and had an in depth conversation about our lives and the future of our family. It was a dream date.

I love that after nearly 6 years of marriage, we can still share intimate moments and strengthen our connection as a couple.

After about 5 hours of fun, we headed home and treated ourselves to one of our favorite local seafood restaurants, Marisco Centro.

Although I didn’t take many pictures, I’ll always have the memories. And for that, I’m grateful.

One thing’s for sure, Robert Moses hasn’t seen the last of the Villalona clan.

Until our next adventure…


Wednesday July 14, 2021

Tried giving movie theaters a try.

HusBae treated us to “Black Widow”, which I highly recommend seeing if you haven’t already.

Masks were required, there were hand sanitizing stations throughout the building, and the seats had been visibly wiped down.

No two groups sat together, although I think that had more to do with carefully selected seats than anything else.

Although the general makeup of movie theaters hasn’t changed, it didn’t feel like the same theatre experience.

It was missing the electricity, the magic of sharing your fandom with a crowd of people.

I remember what it was like to watch a newly released Marvel movie (not a dry eye in sight at the end of “End Game”) circa COVID. The reactions from the crowd, the scarce availability of tickets and showtimes. This was definitely a fraction of that.

I know that not everyone is 100% ready to go back, but, movie theaters could really use our support.

It’s an excuse to get outside at the very least.


Tuesday July 13, 2021

Lately I’ve been doing a lot of self reflecting about my life and the direction that it’s going in.

I’ve been finding myself hitting these emotional walls due to anxiousness, stress, and over thinking. These bad habits have had hazardous effects on my mood and mental health.

I realize that I’m putting myself in these predicaments by allowing my mind to lock me in to these mental prisons.

In my search for answers, I returned to “The Power of Now” and, I shit you not, when I picked back up where I left off, the chapter was relevant to my current life situation.

Issa sign!? o.O

I decided that I no longer want to fall prey to my emotions and be a victim of my own thoughts.

I will take control of my life by focusing on the here and now and practice taking things one day at a time (aka mindfulness) No point in stressing over things I can’t control or stressing out by trying to control.

I swear my views and mentality are constantly changing. But that just means I’m growing as a person 🙂 (yay! personal growth!)

Don’t be afraid to hit the drawing board as many times as you need to in order to get the best outcome.

Life is full of endless possibilities, keep trying until you find the one that works best for you.

It’s better than being a victim to your (temporary) situations and allowing them to create illusions of pain and disparity.

If you’re trying to seek answers to your anxiousness, I recommend The Power of Now. It offers great perspective on the human psyche.

Not a sponsor, just a plug.

Happy Healing 🙂


Ah, the beauty of living in the moment.

Ever stop and observe the world around you?

Sometimes when I catch myself looking up and finding really cool things in nature.

Like an army of Geese

And this busy bumblebee

Every so often I catch myself wondering if these things have been here all along and if so, how come I never noticed?

I’m glad I stopped to take notice.

I hope you witness something beautiful today. I hope something catches your attention right in the comforts of your own neighborhood.

Try to capture the moment.


Thursday July 8, 2021

I love a good thunderstorm.

It’s the emo kid in me. Haha.


7 thoughts on “Welcome To My Life

  1. Lisa

    I love your writing voice which is basically like your “out loud” voice? Hmm.. I don’t know the proper word for that, regardless! I love this blog and how it’s such a fun way to get to know you on a more personal level, Also seeing you grow as a writer and as a person. Thank you for that dose of positivity you put out into the world, we need more gems like you! Looking forward to more content~


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